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What An Awesome Blogger I Am February 8, 2009

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LOL!!  I am so proud of myself.  I have learnt quite a bit over the weekend so far.  I might just be capable of pulling this off. 

I was getting Widget happy here.  Just about added every widget in the widget section, not knowing what each was for.  Just wanted my page to have some content. 🙂  Now some have been deleted, and others customized.  Thanks to the generous tutors on www. youtube.com for contributing in this learning experience.  I have been able to rearrange the widgets on the sidebar and  insert an image within my post.  Hurray!  You might start seeing some of my work finally.  Thanks for being patient.  Have a  safe and blessed Sunday.


Sorting WordPress February 7, 2009

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Hola!   We have been having rain since December, so all the plants must be loving  it.  If  I recall properly,  it did not rain since May.  Today, the sun is trying to peek out here in Lisbon.  No plans to go anywhere, so I will figure out more of this WordPress stuff! 

I have been trying to add “widgets”, but I am obviously doing something wrong, so any inputs would be highly appreciated.  Until then, I will keep researching the proper way to do it.

Enjoy your day!