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Sorting WordPress February 7, 2009

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Hola!   We have been having rain since December, so all the plants must be loving  it.  If  I recall properly,  it did not rain since May.  Today, the sun is trying to peek out here in Lisbon.  No plans to go anywhere, so I will figure out more of this WordPress stuff! 

I have been trying to add “widgets”, but I am obviously doing something wrong, so any inputs would be highly appreciated.  Until then, I will keep researching the proper way to do it.

Enjoy your day!


How to add Twitter, counter, etc. to WordPress Blog

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Alright! I figured out how to add external links like Twitter, counters…You must copy the html link from the source you want to add, then go to Widgets under Dashboard in wordpress blog page; add text widget; save; go back to edit text widget; paste the html code into the text boxed that opened up; save again; reload blog page to check if you see the link.  Hope the explanations are clear.


Hello world! February 6, 2009

3D Valentine's Day Card

3D Valentine's Day Card

Wow!  I am venturing into new territory here.  After years of reading other peoples informative and breathtaking blogs, I have decided to delve in.  So far so good.  For now, I will be playing around with the different buttons and see what happens.  My ultimate goal is to showcase my lovely greeting cards that I so enjoy creating.  I also scrapbook, and so I will be posting what I have done in that field too.  I have lots of ideas as to what I want to blog about, so check back and hopefully you are inspired in some way or form, just as I have been by reading other people’s blogs.  Cheers!

After learning my way around on WordPress, I have edited this post by inserting  the You Tube video of  Dawn demonstrating how to make a gatefold card.  As you can see the possibilities are limitless and left only to your imagination.